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About TeamONE Hockey Boys


What It Means to be a TeamONE'r

TeamONEhockey is a program that devotes itself to the development of young hockey players.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to getting our players to the next level in all areas of the game.  Being TeamONE has meant a variety of things over the years, but nothing has defined our organization more than the concept of family.  Owner and Head Coach Ray Jacques has embodied this ideal for more than 15 years, and has successfully touched the hearts of many athletes both amateur and professionally. The Jacques family continues to give back to the hockey community by giving them the TeamONE experience. 

Weekly Skills Sessions


A critical part of the development process here at TeamONE is our Boys Summer skills sessions. The session for the boys run on Thursdays in the evenings for 10 weeks. These 70 Minute skills sessions are run by our TeamONE Coaching Staff (Please see Staff on Home Page) as well as Special Guests that we will bring in from Colleges, National Teams, and Pro ranks.  The drills of each session are designed to help our athletes gain a better understanding of the game at every level and challenges them to implement it into their own skillset. We also use video analysis to assist in implementing on ice concepts.


Summer Combine Camp


Our Boys Summer Combine Camps are the highlight of our summer here at TeamONE.  They consist of 3 days of on-ice sessions, off-ice workout sessions, video analysis, and talks with some of our professional coaching staff.  A Medical Trainer is also on site during the entire weekend to make sure all players can participate in a safe manor.   This experience is designed to give our athletes a well rounded hockey experience that focuses on development, good habits, and the necessary tools needed at the next level of play.  Our staff is committed to creating a complex and comprehensive experience that our athletes will be able to carry with them throughout their journey with the sport of hockey!

Summer Tournaments

Training is an important factor of the TeamONE Process, but the goal of our program is to be able to put together what we learn on the ice, and compete in several high level summer tournaments.  This is where our athletes can showcase their skills, but also have fun in the process.  Teams are chosen based upon performance and participation in our skills sessions and combine which run throughout the summer.

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