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Leo Wilsey
Syracuse Nationals

Team One offers a tournament schedule that allows me to play against very good competition during the off season. The coaches do a great job getting us ready for tournaments and are very dedicated to helping us. The coaches always remind us that even if we are losing a game, it isn’t over and you can always make a comeback. I really enjoy playing with all of my teammates. It surprises me how well we bond as a team especially since we only play with each other during the summer for a few tournaments.


Rocco Weaver
Syracuse Nationals

TeamOne... what is TeamOne? Its a family, a team, a brotherhood, and a lot more great things. The coaches are amazing.  Coach Ray and Coach Ray Jr have been there for me since the first time I met them. When I broke my leg in my first tournament playing for TeamOne, Coach Ray rode in the ambulance with me reassuring me everything's gonna be alright. Both the coaches sat with me in the hospital until my family got there. That shows how dedicated these coaches are to their players. TeamOne allowed me to come back to gameplay after my injury's with zero worries and let me play the game that I love again. I've never had coaches be so passionate about their team and players than the TeamOne coaches and staff. TeamOne opens up whole other doors of opportunity than I even knew were there. TeamOne hockey is what you think about when you think of a great hockey program.

colin Reilly Screenshot_edited.jpg

Colin Reilly
U14 NS Wings NB

My experience with TeamONE over the past 2 summers has been great.  I have learned so much from Coach Todd and Coach Ray, both on and off the ice at skills and the tournaments, to allow me to be the best hockey player I can be.  They are always preaching respect for my teammates, our opponents and for the game.  It has been awesome meeting new kids from teams I play against in my regular season, and some from out of state, that have now become friends and great teammates.

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Aaden Wilsey
Syracuse Nationals

What I like the most about Team One is the atmosphere and the people I’m around. The coaches are very supportive and help you to improve every time you step on the ice. The practices before the tournaments really help the team to bond and get more chemistry before the weekend. I keep in touch with many of my teammates throughout the year even though we only play together in the summer.  Many memories have been made during the last two summers that I will not forget. Thank you TeamOne for everything.

Matt Lumia Photo_edited.jpg

Matthew Lumia
U14 NS Wings NB
 > Lowell Catholic

I have been part of TeamOne for 2 years now and have had a great experience. TeamOne gives me an

opportunity to participate in skills as well as playing in various tournaments over the summer. I have met so many different, fantastic players and friends throughout the summers. Coach Ray and Ray JR. have coached me for the past 2 years. They have helped me so much with my game as a 200-foot player.  Their coaching has allowed my game to continue to develop year after year, working on different parts of my game. I am very thankful to have worked with such passionate hockey coaches that want to see the players develop to the best they can be as a player and as a person. I appreciate everything TeamOne has done for me and so glad I am part of the TeamONE family.


Alex Fiermonte
Devils Youth

Team One gives me opportunities to play against very good competition.  What I like most about Team One would be the coaching staff and my teammates. The practices held before tournaments really help us get ready to perform.  I’ve truly enjoyed my time with Team One this summer.

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